A Salutation

Hopefully, the future contributors can keep this up and think of new titles as we grow in numbers.

Now let me introduce myself. I am Kun Woo, a student at Northwestern University, much like the two senior contributors to this blog. Unfortunately, I have not the experience of the years as our two computer scientists. Neither do I have the mathematical prowess as they do. I will try my best though, to provide interesting and notable pieces of information in the world of gaming.

I am a lover of gaming, of all its forms. I probably spend the most time on RPGs and MMORPGs but any and all games are welcome, as long as they are of quality. Hopefully though, I won’t be spending too much time on individual reviews. That all depends though, on my mood at the time. ^^

Yes. I did, in fact, just use an emote. Nonetheless, this is my introduction. Nice to meet you all!

Kun Woo Jun
Asian Extraordinaire?


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