Hello, world! I’m Dan and this is my new weblog. This blog will, hopefully, be dedicated to all things game-related. Now before you all start hurling bricks through your monitors in protest of “yet another gaming blog,” let me explain. I am by no means restricting the content to electronic entertainment. I would love to see articles exploring board games, card counting, game theory, et cetera. Hopefully this will be a place where the curious mind can explore some of the more esoteric aspects of gaming in addition to the usual ranting review.

I feel like it would be useful to start with a quick introduction of myself, so here goes: I’ve recently graduated from Northwestern University with my BS in Computer Engineering and Animate Arts, and I currently reside in Chicago and work for a proprietary trading firm. I’ve always been a gamer, but my years in school cultivated more of an appreciation for the underlying concepts and theory behind the design of games. I’m an on-again-off-again WoW player, a boardgame junkie, a mathematics enthusiast, a programmer, and of course a fan of just about every video game genre (I could do without sports games).

While I feel I have plenty of material just bursting out of my brain and ready to explode onto the page (that’s kinda gross now that I think about it), I hope to recruit other contributors to provide insights and perspectives that alas I cannot. If anyone out there is ever interested in becoming a contributor, just let me know and we can arrange it!

See ya’ll down the dusty trail,



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